Spathas Brothers Betton GP

Paxos Betton


The firm


Following in our grandparents footsteps, who being among the best building contractors and master builders, they started running a small construction firm in the 60s, we have managed to make this business grow successfully due to hard work and consideration to the material advances.


Watching closely and following the latest technological advances, we have tooled up our firm with the best automated unit for the production of concrete which along with the cement mixer and press we guarantee the best quality in building with concrete. What is more, we have the best machines in cutting and processing of structural iron and therefore we are able to satisfy the need for it on the island.


With our crane trucks we deliver to you the building materials of the best quality.


Thus, with our skilled workmen we hand over to you the construction in the shortest time and of the best quality in cooperation with the most accredited firms in our country. The proof for all the above statements is each one of our constructions.


Spathas Brothers GP, a firm of ready-made concrete and lime-mortar, building materials, structural iron and insulating materials is housed in private premises, on the ring-road of Gaios, Paxos where we run it since it was founded.